About this blog

I want to share my passion for property as an asset with you as I feel that I can be helpful to others that need advice. I am a director of an estate agent in London. I’m not trying to sell my services here. The blog is just a medium to discuss my experiences, stories and news relating to residential properties.

I have been working in the industry for years so I know what drives the market and how to get the best out of your property. I want this blog to be viewed as an honest review of the market, the practices by estate agents, the effect of the economy on property prices.

My goal is to provide plenty of advice and to start general points of discussion. The property sector has many facets and I want to highlight them by blogging about certain topics which I believe will be helpful to landlords and tenants.

I consider myself to be someone who is very curious and asks questions. I learn the most this way. However, I have found that sometimes asking questions can lead to some shocking answers! Some of the topics I will write about will be positive, others will be negative, but no matter what I write about, there will always be a purpose for any item I post.

Click on the ‘My Property Experience’ page to see the list of articles I have written. Like, comment and share! Thank you for your support.


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