What’s there to discuss?

My passion is property and I want to share news relating to it with everyone. I  will share advice, updates on legislation and provide general topics for discussion.

I have a career in residential property and the approach I take in business is the same approach I take in my personal matters – to be unbiased and honest with everyone. What better way for me to discuss the industry than to write my own blog?

Follow me for reviews on the market and the property industry as a whole. I consider myself to be a critic and will post articles from my own experiences. If I have something that I want the public to be aware of to help them, I will!

The industry I am in has flaws. I know it and the world knows it. What I want is to highlight the flaws, not to create further negativity, but in an effect to raise questions about estate agents and their practice, and to offer advice on how to deal with any issues that may arise. Hopefully, if enough people become aware of the flaws, the industry will be forced to take a more customer friendly approach and improve the image of the sector.


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