Tenants, did you know…?

A quick post to give you some information on your rights as a tenant!

Did you know that once you move in to a property, the landlord or the agent needs to register your deposit and give you the relevant information (Prescribed Information) within a month? If not, you can take the landlord to court and can be paid up to 3 times the amount! Deposits are usually 6 weeks rent, so multiply by 3 and the amount will be quite considerable.

Did you know that once you move in to a property, you have ‘exclusive possession’ of  it? This means that the landlord (or anyone else) cannot enter the property without your permission. In other terms, for the duration of your tenancy, that property is completely yours (unless you break a term of the agreement).

Did you know agents only have a duty of care towards you? This means they have no legal obligation towards you. However, good agents will do their best to help you. Look for agents who have memberships with the property ombudsman/ARLA.

Did you know that the landlord cannot evict you for no reason? Even if your contract has ended, and you remain in the property, the landlord will need to go through the courts to remove you completely from the property. I would strongly advise against this as it will affect your future references and may make future landlords hesitant too rent their property to you. There are certain grounds that the landlord will need to state as the reasons why he would like he property back. Some of the grounds are mandatory (where the landlord will definitely get it back through the courts) and some are discretionary (the case is reviewed and a judgement is made).

If you find this helpful, and would like more posts like this, leave a comment and I will provide some extra advice in another post. The unfortunate truth is tenants don’t know their rights so I would love to help tenants learn about what they can do. Tenants have a lot more rights than they think when it comes to renting a property, but they aren’t very well known. The reason is simple. It doesn’t benefit landlords and agents will not inform you of your rights as they want to satisfy the landlord. Agents work for landlords, not tenants  so please keep it in mind.